Complaints & Appeals Procedure

Customer Complaints Procedure

1.0 Introduction

1.      Company Statement

It is the responsibility of all staff who carry out work for OP Performance Limited  (OPP) to ensure all our customers’ expectations are met and if possible surpassed. We expect all of our customer’s will be handled in a professional manner at all times so that all our customers can continue to have confidence in all the services we have to offer. See our Quality Policy Statement.

1.2 All Queries/Complaints must be recorded on our Complaints Database

Opening a query is the act of documenting any problem that the customer has with the product or service provided by OPP representatives.

The following information must be recorded if supplied:

  • Date of complaint
  • Full name of the person reporting the query
  • Telephone number of the person reporting the query
  • Full details of the query – to enable all complaints to be resolved in the minimum amount of time etc.
  • Current Status of complaint
  • Target completion date
  • All details in this procedure must be followed end to end this is essential

2.0 Purpose

This procedure is to ensure that all complaints received:

  • Are resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant
  • To show tractability of all complaints received
  • To satisfy contractual needs & Awarding Organisation/Regulatory requirements
  • To meet the ISO 9001 Set of Standards

3.0 Scope

All complaints received from our customer’s, will be addressed in detail and the recording of them will be managed by OPP. The status of all Queries/Complaints will be maintained so that the current statuses will be available for approved personnel for review. This procedure does not cover complaints regarding assessment decisions /adjustments. For any complaints relating to challenging assessment decisions or assessment adjustments, candidates should follow the Appeals Procedure.

4.0 Stage 1 – Informal Complaints

Informal complaints can be made through any of the methods below;

  • Making use of the Course Review Form
  • Speaking to a member of OPP Staff
  • Emailing the complaints inbox (

Informal complaints should be made by the customer no later than 5 working days from the date the issue arose.

Customer Complaints Procedure

The member of staff receiving the complaint will then pass the information on to the Quality Coordinator, who will ensure the issue is recorded on the Complaint Progress Tracker and investigate solutions with the department head.

5.0 Stage 2 – Formal Complaints

Formal complaints must be made in writing to OPP Head Office. This can be done by;

OP Performance Limited. Unit 1 Link Place,  Link Lane, Accrington, Lancashire BB5 1AE

Formal complaints should be received by OPP no later than 10 working days from the date the issue arose. Receipt of your complaint will be acknowledged by OPP no later than 48 hours from receipt through return email. This acknowledgement will provide an estimated target date for resolution of the complaint.

Once the complaint has been received by the Quality Coordinator they will notify the relevant department head of the complaint.

The Quality coordinator will ensure that any relevant external organisations (e.g. Awarding Bodies, regulators) are notified of the complaint as required, and will liaise with them throughout the process.

All complaints will be monitored by the Quality Coordinator to ensure that target completion dates are being achieved.

The Quality Coordinator will liaise with the complainant throughout the process to keep them abreast of progress and resolutions made. Once a resolution has been achieved, the Quality Coordinator will notify the complainant in writing of the actions taken to resolve their complaint.

6.0 Appeals Stage

Customers who are unsatisfied with the handling/resolution of their complaint may appeal in writing to the Managing Director no later than one calendar month from receipt of the written response to their complaint. The contact details for the managing Director can be obtained from OP Performance Head Office.

The appeal will then be reviewed at the next senior management meeting to discuss the actions taken during complaint resolution. The Managing Director will then provide a formal written response to the complainant, no later than one calendar month from receipt of the appeal.

7.0 Complaints Logging

All formal complaints will be logged on the Complaint Progress Tracker. The Complaint Progress Tracker is maintained by the Quality Coordinator who is responsible for identifying and analysing trends, for presentation to the Senior Management team at Senior Management meetings.

8.0 Internal Escalation Process for Complaints

  • All complaints that exceed the target completion date will be alerted to the department head by e‐mail. Response time for the departments head is 24 hours to this e‐mail.
  • If the Quality Coordinator receives no response from the department head, a further e‐mail is sent to the relevant Senior Manager. The Manager has 24 hours to report on same.
  • If the relevant Senior Manager is unable to resolve the issue/does not respond, a further email will be sent to the Managing Director.
  • This escalation process will report upon and be reviewed at all Senior Management Meetings.

9.0 External Escalation of Complaints

Candidates of Accredited qualifications also have the right to complain to the relevant Awarding Body/Regulator.

The Awarding Body/Regulator will only consider your complaint if you have already gone through all stages of OPP’s complaints procedure and remain dissatisfied with the outcome, or the way in which your complaint was handled.

The Awarding Body/Regulator will deal with complaints about:

  • assessment — in the broadest sense, including the conduct of, preparation for, and environment for, assessment
  • dissatisfaction with the way in which the centre handled the complaint

The Awarding Body/Regulator will not deal with complaints about:

  • assessment decisions (use Appeals or Post‐results Services)
  • the wider experience of being a candidate (e.g. support services, funding, facilities)

Details of which Awarding Body/Regulator you should direct your complaint to, and their contact details can be obtained

from the Quality Coordinator who can be contacted through Head Office

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