Covid-19 Policy

Aim of policy:

To define our risk management approach to safe working practices across all OP Performance locations during the COVID-19 pandemic to enable the business to continue to function by minimising infection risk to our staff, visitors and clients.

Revisions and Alignment:

Our policy is aligned with the UK Government’s working safely guidelines and the code of practice for safe working during COVID-19 pandemic in UK training  and education  businesses. It will be in operation until such time as all COVID-19 restrictions by government are lifted. This policy will be reviewed regularly to see if it needs to be strengthened or relaxed. Please check you have the latest version.

Policy Statement:

For the COVID-19 Pandemic we fully intend to minimise customer impact as far as in our control. We have completed a risk assessment which will be published on our website. We are putting our full attention to managing the risk of transmission of the Virus inside our facility. For those working inside our facility the well-being of staff, visitors and clients is very important to us. We are stepping up hygiene and implementing this safe working policy and clear operating procedures which will be communicated regularly. Key actions are planning ahead for the number of people using our facilities daily, non-touch access where possible,ensuring we understand who is more vulnerable, following social distancing in all areas and increased personal hygiene for everyone.

Our training services

We are fortunate to have large indoor and outdoor training suites, and so following social distancing, our training services are operating near normal subject to the safe room occupancy following government guidelines. We have been smart about creating extra review rooms and utilising web connectivity. In addition to this, outside our facility we have admin and operational support teams working remotely with full access to all the tools they need to work effectively. We have carefully implemented plans for remote working for key staff and their support teams across back-office admin, qualification registration and finance.

Some of our services are available remotely i.e. providing digital copies of supporting documentation to cut down unnecessary close contact.


COVID-19 Safe Working Policy v1.0

Re-Assessment Room

Safe Working Policy:

All staff and visitors will agree to our policy and working practices on signing in to our buildings. They will also need to confirm that they have no COVID-19 symptoms and are not self-isolating. Everyone will be temperature checked with a laser at reception. Anyone with a temperature over 37°C will not be allowed in the facility. Agreement to our safe working policy will be facilitated via the touch screen sign in app on reception. We require anyone that has recently had the Virus to declare this and that they have self isolated for at least 7-days and do not have any remaining symptoms. If any staff member or visitor feels unwell, they must stay home. If someone is presenting with symptoms in our facility they will be immediately placed in our isolation room, we will connect with any individual that had close contact with that person in our facility and recommend they self-isolate for a 14-day quarantine period. The individual with symptoms will be quarantined in the isolation room whilst arrangements are made for them to be sent home. If any visitor subsequently reports they have COVID-19 symptoms in the three days after visiting OP Performance , we ask and would expect you to tell us immediately. If and when a government app for smartphones is made available we would consider making it mandatory for all staff and visitors.

Social distancing:

All staff and visitors will at all times adhere to government social distancing rules. This includes sitting or standing two metres apart (where possible) and limiting the number of attendees in rooms to meet this. Therefore, we have restricted room occupancy across our buildings. In some areas floor tape or barriers will be marked to identify safe distances, one-way lanes and safe pathways through our facility. Where our toilets have several cubicles the entire bathroom space will be single person use only, with a (self-serviced) sign on the entrances to identify if the bathroom areas are occupied.
In some areas client reviews may take place in other review rooms with conferencing via telephone or web link to the operator in a separate room. We can offer support for most, if not all conferencing software, Teams, Zoom and Skype included.

In general operations and administration areas our teams will mainly be working remotely from home. There will be regular monitoring of behaviours in our buildings and anyone not following this policy will be spoken to.
Staff have a process for reporting any non-compliance to H.R. There is CCTV centrally monitored throughout our site.

A regular cleaning service, staff are cleaning kitchens and common touch points i.e. door handles and entrance/exit surfaces regularly throughout the day. Technical equipment such as computers and tools etc will be wiped down with antibacterial materials before and after use. If required latex gloves are provided. Hand sanitisers with antibacterial gel are placed in all common areas of our buildings. On arrival and before signing in using our electronic sign-in touch screen everyone needs to use the hand sanitiser . Once in the building regular handwashing for at least 20 seconds is promoted above using antibacterial gel. If staff or visitors leave the building and re-enter; hand sanitising on re-entry must be done. We do not supply face masks and generally staff will not be required to wear them. This is because we are able to follow the 2-metre social distancing rules with our maximum room occupancy guidelines. We have shower facilities. No items (i.e clothes, towels, shower gel) can be left in the shower room and will be disposed of responsibly if found.


Reception is usually manned either by a receptionist or security. As described previously, guidance markings will be given as to social distancing in reception and signage will help to navigate around our facility. On arrival everyone must sanitise hands and sign in and wait to be directed to their room or met by their assessor or course tutor within the social distancing guidelines. Passes will be issued to regular visitors and will be sanitised pre-handout and post-handout.

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